The Incontovac urinary transfer system includes a urinal capable of receiving and holding urine, a urine holding container, a first conduit connected in fluid flow relationship between the urinal and the urine holding container, a pump, and a second conduit connected in gas flow relationship between the urine holding container and the pump, wherein the urine is drawn from the urinal into the urine holding container by operation of the pump, but not into the pump.

1. The unit consists of a urinal, receptacle and vacuum motor designed to evacuate urine form the urinal. All appliances are attached with quick release tubing and connections.

2. The unit is positioned for use by applying the stabilization device and positioning the urinal for penile entry. Stabilization is accomplished by the user’s legs lying on the stabilization device.


3. The user urinates at will and then activates the evacuation motor by pressing the remote control on/off device.

 Product Features:

1. On/Off remote switch.
2. Automatic reset switch.
3. Urinal stabilization device.
4. Variable size receptacles.
5. Vacuum motor.

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1. The plastic stabilization device is to be placed over the urinal prior to advancing the penis into the urinal.

2. The high comfort stabilization device is placed under the user’s legs to maintain the appropriate position for the urinal. A towel or other soft material should be placed between the user's legs and the plastic stabilization device to insure comfort and diminish perspiration and pressure.

(High Comfort Urinall/Stabilization Device)

3. The quick release hosing is attached by squeezing and depressing while inserting the hosing into the color coded connections. The black marking indicates how far into the quick release fitting the hose should be inserted.

4. The collection device receptacle is placed on the floor in close proximity to the vacuum motor.

5. After urination is completed, the on/off remote control is used to activate the vacuum motor to evacuate the urinal.





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